Delta County museum holds heritage of area

COOPER, Texas – Sitting by itself a few blocks from the downtown square, the old Texas Midland Railroad depot has been a Delta County landmark since its construction in 1913. Passenger and freight trains once roared past the stately building several times daily, but the last iron horse thundered by more than 50 years ago.Continue reading “Delta County museum holds heritage of area”

Woodcarver creates Western wonders

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas – For 77 years, James Day has built many beautiful things. As an architectural engineer, he’s responsible for office buildings, hospitals and colleges from coast to coast. He can look up at some immense constructions of glass and steel and say that he was part of it all, way back when. Mr.Continue reading “Woodcarver creates Western wonders”

Guitar manufacturer keeping slow tempo and old standards

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas – John Kinsey, David Hallmark and Bob Casey are partners in a joint business venture to make what might have helped some country singers gain their fame. Their shop is not very big, and they don’t produce many products, but they are immensely proud of what they do – carry on theContinue reading “Guitar manufacturer keeping slow tempo and old standards”