Links to Online Clips

While at Charles Schwab, we launched a brand journalism site called “Main Street Stories” that covers people, products, and industry and societal trends, both in and out of the financial services business. The following links will take you to a few of the stories I’ve posted to the site over the past year or so:Continue reading “Links to Online Clips”

Southwest Star of the Month: Mark Schmidt

After a busy week as the station manager at Indianapolis International Airport, Mark Schmidt can’t wait to get behind the wheel. Unlike your run-of-the-mill family sedan or sports utility vehicle, however, Mark’s ride produces more than 900 horsepower, hits speeds approaching 180 miles per hour, and can cover a quarter mile in less time thanContinue reading “Southwest Star of the Month: Mark Schmidt”

Southwest Star of the Month: Steve Heaser

Southwest Employee Steve Heaser is a career counselor’s nightmare. He has been a disc jockey, helped compile one of the “Top 100” lists for Billboard magazine, and muses that, given his choice, his ideal job likely would involve designing roller coasters. His interests run from music and art to gourmet cooking, holistic therapies, and travellingContinue reading “Southwest Star of the Month: Steve Heaser”

Southwest’s LUV Theme

Southwest Airlines, you might say, isn’t just a Company founded “at” Love (Dallas’ Love Field Airport, where the airline first took off in 1971), it also is a Company founded “with” love. Nearly everywhere you look at Southwest, this becomes evident. From its “LUV” ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange to the heartContinue reading “Southwest’s LUV Theme”